Consultation Form

The Consultation Form provides us with important information about your day and the services you want. Please be as detailed as possible when completing this form. It is required and should accompany the contract. If there is any information that you are unsure of please consult with Trisha.


Please print out and complete Lash waiver if receiving a lash services. Must be given to your Lash Artist at the time of service. Please review "Post Lash" instructions prior to your appointment but we will review it with you as well. 


Special Events Contract 

Please print and complete contract for any event other than weddings. You may scan and email or mail contract forms to address listed on contract. Must be received within 7 days from paying your retainer fee.

Wedding Contract 

(Contact me for contract)

The Contract is a legal binding document that entails important information such as date, timing, location and amount of services. What you are charged is based off of what is written on the contract. You may add services if timing permits but canceling services requires approval.

Contract Addendum

If any changes are made that differ from the contract you will want to complete this form and send it to Trisha. Email revisions don't always suffice as we receive a ton of emails from all of our clients and can't always remember even though we like to think we are superhuman :D